Board of Directors

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Property Owners
Charles Alter, Louis Lefkowitz Realty, Inc.
David Weinraub, Glynton Handkerchief LLC.
John Rapp, Junction Management LLC.
Judson Ain, Flushing Kent Realty
Peter Zlotnick, 37-52 82nd Street
Michael Friedman, Inline Realty
Kostas Koutsothanasis, Rockfarmer Properties (Board President)
Sanjay Ahuja, Modern Business Associates
Safain Naguib, Ponce Bank (Board Vice-President)

Commercial Tenants
Glen Mirchandani, Devisons Jewelers (Board Treasurer)
Sam Sabbagh, Galleria Home Decor (Board Secretary)

Government and Elected Officials
Commissioner Kevin D. Kim, NYC Small Business Services
Hon. Francisco Moya, Councilmember, 21st District
Hon. Donovan Richards, Queens Borough President
Hon. Brad Landers, NYC Comptroller

Interested Parties (Non-Voting)
Hon. Shekar Krishnan , Councilmember, 25th District
Christian Cassagnol, District Manager, Community Board 4
Giovanna Reid, District Manager, Community Board 3