Open Restaurant Participants: Guidelines for Comfort Heating

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Following the extension of the Open Restaurants Program, restaurants were given the approval for heating installation for outdoor dining. FDNY released the guidelines for open restaurants participants using comfort heating for their customers.

What is allowed?:

  1. Electric heaters- Installation of electric heaters is allowed on sidewalks and roadways.
  2. Portable heaters fueled by piped natural gas- May be used for sidewalk seating only; prohibited on roadways.

Prohibitions: Portable Heaters fueled by Propane

  1. Propane is prohibited on roadways. You may not use a propane-fueled heater of any size on a street or roadway, even if the roadway has been “closed” by the Open Streets/Open Restaurants program.
  2. Heaters that use 20-pound propane containers are not allowed in any location that would require propane containers to be brought into a building to transport it to the heater. For example, if you have an outdoor dining area in a rear courtyard accessible only through a building, you are not allowed to use 20-pound propane containers. Similarly, 20-pound containers and heaters that use them are prohibited on rooftops, balconies and terraces. In these locations, your propane options are limited to heaters using one-pound propane containers (see below).
  3. Storage of 20-pound propane containers (any container not connected to a heater) is prohibited unless you have been issued an FDNY permit for an approved facility for LPG storage.
  4. Propane containers of any size cannot be stored below grade (such as in a cellar or basement) or on a rooftop.

For the in depth FNDY Guidelines please click here.

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