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deliciasas colombianas-7Women entrepreneurs are key economic actors in New York City – building businesses that support families, uplift communities and generate jobs. WE NYC is a first-of-its-kind effort in a major American city to address the entrepreneurship gender gap and empower women business-owners to reach their full economic potential. Focused on underserved communities, WE NYC will connect women entrepreneurs with the resources, education, and connections they need to thrive.

Through extensive research and engagement efforts, WE NYC has connected with more than 1,500 women entrepreneurs across the five boroughs to learn more about the unique challenges and opportunities women-owned businesses face. In response, WE NYC is working with an incredible set of partners to launch a series of free, tailored tools and services that will be available in the coming months.

Are you a woman entrepreneur? Get involved with WE NYC programs today! You can also stay updated on WE NYC services by signing up for the WE NYC newsletter and joining the WE NYC Facebook group. You can also chat with online using #WENYC.