BID Expansion Update

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calle colombia - 82nd STThe 82nd Street Partnership, Councilwoman Ferreras, and the Jackson Heights-Corona BID Steering Committee announced the agreement to create unprecedented community representation and engagement in the proposed new Roosevelt Avenue BID.

The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), clarifies the governing structure of the proposed BID and makes unprecedented changes to give all stakeholders a real seat at the decision making table.

Under the new leadership of the 82nd Street Partnership Executive Director Leslie Ramos, this first of its kind agreement will guarantee increased representation from a variety of stakeholders along Roosevelt Avenue and ensure that those stakeholders have real power and input in the Board of Directors of the proposed BID. The agreement is the first example of the type of leadership and vision Leslie brings to the BID – and shows a responsiveness and commitment to fostering the diversity and strengths the corridor already boasts.

Read the full Memorandum of Understanding here:

English version
Versión en español