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unnamedA Message from Ernesto Cury and John Rapp: Why we support the Jackson Heights – Corona Business Improvement DistrictIn the coming days and weeks, all business owners, residents, and property owners on Roosevelt Avenue from 81st Street to 104th Street, as well as Junction Boulevard from 40th Road to 35th Avenue, will have the opportunity to vote for the proposal to extend the 82nd Street Partnership boundaries to form the Jackson Heights – Corona Business Improvement District

Here are three reasons why we, as a small business owner and a property owner, are voting yes to the proposed Jackson Heights – Corona Business Improvement District:
(1) Cleaner and Safer Streets: The new Business Improvement District will make Roosevelt Avenue and Junction Boulevard a cleaner and safer place for everyone to enjoy. The Business Improvement District will provide a year-round Clean Team of about 10 people who will sweep litter from our sidewalks (reducing the chances of us getting fines from the Sanitation Department), empty litter receptacles (no more overflowing trash cans!), clean graffiti from public and private property, and shovel snow from crosswalks, corners and bus stops. 
Each of these services go above and beyond what the City of New York provides; and, by law, City sanitation services in no way will be reduced.  
(2) Support for Small and Immigrant-Owned Businesses: The Jackson Heights – Corona Business Improvement District will be an advocate for our business community, helping us thrive and grow in today’s economy. From storefront improvement grants (new signs, awnings, lights, and windows), to website and social media assistance, to shopping and holiday promotions, the Business Improvement District will help us retain and expand our customer base so that we can grow our businesses.
The Jackson Heights – Corona Business Improvement District can also be our voice to city government. When we have issues that concern us, whether it’s inspections from the Departments of Consumer Affairs and Health, or issues with Police and Sanitation, the Business Improvement District will represent our shared interests to ensure we are getting the best service from city government.
(3) A Better Living and Working Environment for Everyone: Cleaner, safer, and brighter streets, cultural events and outdoor festivals that celebrate our diverse community, a better working relationship with city government, and an organized business community will improve quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood.
We all deserve to live and work in a neighborhood that we can be proud of each and every day; a place where we all can feel comfortable walking, shopping, and exploring day and night. It’s time we work together as a community–property owners, businesses, and residents– to invest in a better living and working environment for everyone.

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