Public Meetings & Events

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logoForming the Jackson Heights – Corona Business Improvement District: Public Meeting & Events. The Business Improvement District is about a cleaner and safer Roosevelt Avenue for everyone – residents, customers, and local businesses. There is too much crime and litter on Roosevelt Avenue and it’s a problem that has been ignored for too long. Business improvement districts have had great success in immigrant communities across the city. Great examples include Washington Heights, Fordham Road, Flushing, and right here in Jackson Heights on 82nd Street.

Small businesses and residents in our neighborhoods have a choice to work together to improve the environment we eat, shop and play in. More than 100 businesses along Roosevelt Avenue understand that working together is better than going alone to keep the streets clean and safe. They support the formation of the Jackson Heights – Corona Business Improvement District and we hope you will too.

To learn more about the proposed improvements and services, feel free to attend any of our public meetings and events. Please call 718-335-9421 or visit for further details on the upcoming events.

*New dates coming soon*